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Marketing in The Wake of Covid-19

The worldwide pandemic has proven to be an interesting time for marketing. Economy in general has taken a devastating hit, but it doesn’t have to mean your business has to. Here we will discuss how to make the best of the current situation to get the best results marketing-wise

Change up the plan

It’s obvious that reusing the same marketing tactics from before the pandemic will only lead to losses in both customers and revenue. Reacting to what’s happening is essential to keep everything going nice and easy.

Can you implement a minor pivot, which gives you a platform to communicate in a helpful and caring way? For example, is there a way you can collaborate with an organisation to achieve some dual-brand goals, while doing some good in the current crisis? Can you change your comms to be more relevant to isolated consumers?

Marketers who increase spend in uncertain times come out of the recession with a bigger share of hearts and minds, and are poised to ride the wave of economic growth and commerce which will follow. These long term gains will provide well over and above any cost savings of firing a marketing department.

understand Audience expectations

Consumers were already cynical. Following Covid-19, this will only increase. Many large businesses have found it wise to change up their message to revolve around brand purpose and add-value. It is important to recognize that customers expect these businesses to lead in times of crisis.

It is evident now the good that brands can do in the time of crisis. And our estimate is that it will be expected even after the crisis has ended. Messaging must continue to be valuable, empathetic and authentic to resonate, and must be built into ongoing marketing.

Be ready for the coming storm

Doing everything right will not stop your business from slowing down when the whole economy is suffering. Business in general are seeing significantly less sales than before the pandemic. However, you could have a chance at avoiding this by changing up your payment plans. Consider consider offering payment plans through services like Affirm.

Payment plans reduce the financial burden your customers will face in the short run.

And you don’t have to be an e-commerce company to leverage payment plans. If you are selling consulting services, you can accept money over a period of a year.

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